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Smart Growth.

Smart Growth is a term that refers to the best in sustainable development. Danley is a model example of new development that is thoughtfully planned, energy efficient and walkable which helps to strengthen the surrounding historic neighborhood.


It’s a word often heard these days but what does it really mean? At Danley, it means:
  • Careful Storm Water Management to cleanse and filter storm water through landscaped areas before it enters the storm sewers.
  • Tight thermal envelopes that are well insulated and tightly sealed from air infiltration. This reduces energy consumption and lowers bills.
  • Energy efficient systems such as Energy-Star appliances, 96% high efficiency gas furnaces, 15 SEER high efficiency air conditioners, and efficient lighting.
    Again, this reduces energy costs.
  • Limited Solar Gain. Windows with Low-E glass lessen the heat burden, reducing the solar gain and lowering your energy bills.
Redeveloping existing neighborhoods does more than promote our vital urban core. It also saves precious woodlands, agricultural lands and open spaces farther out from suburban sprawl. And being within walking distance of public transportation, jobs and shopping means less gas burned into our atmosphere.